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Makalu Region Trekking

Most of the trekking in the Makalu region lies within the boundaries of the Makalu Barun National Park which lies adjacent to the Sagarmatha National Park. Covering an area of around 1500 square kilometers, the park lies in the Sagarmatha and Sankhuwasabha districts. The fifth highest mountain in the world, Makalu along with other peaks, large and small lie in this region. Malaku region trekking is one that is sure to give you majestic views of mountains and forests alike,

The Makalu region is the only region in the world that is an enclosed protected area that covers an altitude range of more than 8000m. As such, the Makalu National Park contains both Tropical and Alpine vegetation. The Arun and Barun rivers run through the region making for river basins and valleys that are well irrigated and filled with greenery.  The region sports more than 3000 species of flowering plants including various types of medicinal herbs.

More than 400 species of birds flock the region and rare animals like the Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Himalayan wolf, flying squirrel and others make the region one of the most diverse in terms of fauna. Butterflies are a major attraction of the region. It is estimate that around 440 species of butterflies are found in the region making it incredibly colorful and a butterfly enthusiasts’ dream.

There are around 12 village centers within the boundaries of the park which are a home for more than 32000 people of diverse backgrounds. Such people mostly live off of subsistence farming providing them with enough food and economic resources to last the year. The eastern Himalayan limbu people, thought to be direct descendants of the Kirat civilization occupy this valley and have a unique culture and religious background that dates back millennia.

The region offers stunning contrasting landscapes. High waterfalls originating from the many natural springs in the hilltops cascade into deep gorges and reflect sunlight so as to cast wonderful and colourful rainbows. Large boulders and craggy rocks take their stand amid green forests surrounded by colourful meadows with large snowy peaks towering above them. Mountains peaks of Makalu reach as high as 8463m with other peaks like the Baruntse and Mera peak beside it.

The region also borders the Qomolangma Nature Preserve in the Tibet Autonomous Region in the north. With Three nature parks huddled up close in the region, you are sure to have a wonderful time trekking here.

Makalu Region Trekking

Makalu Base Camp Trek

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