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Nepal, the birthplace of the Buddha is an amazingly spiritual country. Stories of many Buddhas of the past including Vipaswi Buddha and Kassyapa Buddha. Kathmandu valley houses numerous important stupas and monasteries with histories that go back hundreds if not thousands of years. Tibetan and Newar Buddhists have preserved the many Buddhist traditions lost in India. While visiting several monasteries and stupas on your Nepal Buddhism pilgrimage trip, you will be surrounded by an unending sense of calm, faith, and fruitfulness. This one-day tour will take you to Swayambhunath stupa, Boudhanath stupa, and various monasteries and holy caves in Pharping and around Kathmandu valley.

Swayambhunath Stupa, a golden spire atop a conical forested hill, is the most ancient and mystical of all the sacred monuments in Kathmandu valley. Its soaring white dome and gleaming golden spire may be seen for miles and from all sides of the valley. The 15th century Swayambhu Purana, a compilation of tales concerning the location, talks of a miracle lotus planted by a previous Buddha that grew from the water that previously filled Kathmandu valley. The lotus strangely projected a dazzling light, and the location became known as Swayambhu, which means 'Self-Created or Self-Existent.' Deeply moved by the force of the dazzling light, the bodhisattva Manjushri believed that by draining the lake, Swayambhu would become more accessible to human visitors. Manjushri carved a canyon in the mountains surrounding the lake with his two-edged sword. The water drained away and left the valley of modern-day Kathmandu. The lotus then became a hill, and the light produced the Swayabhunath Stupa.

Boudhanath stupa, located 8 kilometers east of central Kathmandu, is one of the city's most impressive monuments, visible as soon as you land at Tribhuvan International Airport. It is the biggest stupa in the Kathmandu Valley and is widely known as the Himalayan Buddhist hub. When Tibetan refugees arrived in Nepal in the 1950s, many chose to settle in Boudhanath. The stupa is supposed to house Kassapa Buddha's relics. There are many legends surrounding the origin of the stupa from King Vikramaditya’s legends to the Tibetan legends that trace the Stupa to the Buddha Kassapa.  There are many Tibetan monasteries in the region that you can explore along with restaurants serving excellent Tibetan cuisine. 

 Near the Shivapuri National Park lies the Jamchen Viajaya Stupa seen from the route heading to Budanikakantha. The stupa lies atop a hill making for a scenic view. The vistas from the summit, pure air, and tranquil setting will entice you to remain and spend as much time as possible. The road to get there is a little rough, but the end result is well worth it. The atmosphere within the stupa is wonderful. Peace with melodic chanting music is quite wonderful, and it will force you to concentrate there for some time. The stupa itself is 108 ft tall and was constructed in memory of Guru Chyogye Trhinchen Rimpoche. It contains informative boards that explain the many aspects of Buddhism. The monastery inside houses a wonderful buddha statue along with various gurus and a figure of Guru Chyogye Trhinchen Rimpoche as well. The walls of the monastery are beautifully painted. 


Best Season

The one-day Buddhist Day Tour in Kathmandu may be done at any time of year. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit since temperatures in the valley are not too hot or cold. Monsoon will bring significant rains, making for a little muddy tour.

Why Accessible Adventure

We are simple to work with, adaptable, and will fulfill all of your needs. In addition, Accessible Adventures operates a hotel in Kathmandu where we can customize rooms to meet your individual needs.

Professional local guides will accompany you and provide tailored recommendations and advice on local "must-sees" and "must-visits" that are not featured in guidebooks. Our guides will inform you about local history and culture, as well as religious aspects.


We begin the day by grabbing breakfast. You will be escorted from your hotel by an Accessible Adventure representative in a private vehicle where we go first to the Jamchen Vijaya Stupa atop Budanilakantha. The view from the hill is amazing as you can see the entire Kathmandu valley in the morning sunlight. We take in the calmness of the region and revel in the spiritual aura permeated by the stupa and monastery. We can even meditate in the monastery and cleanse our minds and develop mindfulness and awareness. 

After having our fill of the wonderful spiritual and natural aura, we move from Budanilakantha to the Largest stupa in Nepal, Bouddhanath. The large complex of Bouddhanath houses numerous monasteries and a small shrine dedicated to the mother of Guru Rinpoche. Circumambulating the large stupa we take in the pureness of the region. We can grab lunch at a local Tibetan restaurant and roam the many gullies and monasteries nearby. 

From Bouddhanath we move in the late afternoon to the enormous hilltop complex of Swayambhunath. We move to the entrance of the Swayambhunath and explore the great three statues of Chenrezig, Shakyamuni, and Guru Rinpoche at the entrance. We hike up many stairs amid many shrines, monkeys, and statues to the top of the temple. Circumambulation is done around the main stupa and numerous shrines are visited.  From the hilltop of Swayambhunath beautiful sunset views can be seen amid the Kathmandu valley. Taking the stairs from the back, we descend the many steps to find a private vehicle waiting for us as we finish the trip as are taken to our hotel. 

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Cost Includes

  • Government licensed Holder English-speaking Religious and Culture Guide. During Tour
  • All Ground transportation by Private Tourist Vehicle.
  • Food, Accommodation, salary, insurance, Equipment, and medicine
  • All government taxes, VAT, Tourist Service charges, and official expenses.     

Cost Excludes


  • Tips for tour staff and driver (tipping is expected).
  • Any optional/ Additional activities outside of the program
  • Meals and Accommodation
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