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Trip Highlights

Climb to the peak of Shivapuri hill amid wonderful views of the surrounding hills and mountains
Visit the Budanilakantha temple and temple complex
Visit the Nagi Gumba located within the Shivapuri national park
See numerous animals and birds on the trail through the forest
See Baghdvar the head of the Bagmati river in Kathmandu
See the Shivapuri Baba statue located atop the hill of Shivapuri


The Shivapuri National Park is the national park that is located closest to a capital city.   The Shivapuri National Park is worth seeing since it is located on the second highest hill in the vicinity of the Kathmandu valley and is a center of the flora and fauna that can be found in this region. Getting to Shivapuri on foot is a quick and straightforward excursion that is located close to Kathmandu, the nation's capital. Baghdwar is the origin of the Holy River Bagmati, which is said to originate from the mouth of a tiger and flows through the vicinity of the holy shrine Pashupatinath. The peak of Shivapuri is located in this national park and lies at an altitude of 2732m above sea level. It honors the famous mediator Sage Shivapuri Baba by bearing his name. The peak of the hike culminates in a statue dedicated to the great sage. It is possible to see the picturesque Langtang range and the city of Kathmandu valley from the top of Shivapuri. Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang range, Dorje Lapka, Sisapangba, Mt. Everest, and Annapurna range are only few of the other mountains that can be seen from the peak.

 In 1976 A.D., the area now known as Shivapuri National Park was designated as a Watershed and Wildlife Reserve, and in 2003 A.D., it was officially designated as a National Park, making it a great destination for a day of hiking.  Located at an elevation of 2330 m, Nagi Gumpa lies on the way to Shivapuri Peak. For the Buddhist Nuns who live here and the tourists who come here to meditate, this is a world-famous monastery.

 As Shivapuri is located in the temperature transition zone between subtropical and temperate zones, hence the natural vegetation consists of several types of forests depending on elevation and exposure. Northern slopes have a dense forest of oak trees  as well as rhododendrons and other species of orchids. More than a few useful plants for treating illness can be discovered at mountain peaks.

So join Accessible Adventure on this amazing day hike nearby Kathmandu Valley. 

Best Season for Shivapuri Day Hike

Hiking conditions on Shivapuri are best in the spring and fall (March-June and September-November). The blue skies and pure air at this time of year provide the ideal setting for admiring the Himalayas. The hills are full of spectacular fauna and lush vegetation in the spring, while the skies are at their clearest in the fall. In the wild, you might come across a monkey or a rooster, and if you're really lucky, a leopard or a sloth bear. Monsoon season (July-August) is when clouds and rain make it hard to see anything from the hilltop, making for a messier and less pleasurable excursion. The monsoon season is not ideal since leeches are common. Snowfall is possible on occasion throughout the winter months.


Why is Shivapuri Day Hike with Accessible Adventure?

For over ten years, Accessible Adventures has been the go-to outfit for hikes and other adventures in the Everest region. We can be relied upon to fulfill all of your specifications. Furthermore, Accessible Adventures has a hotel in Kathmandu where we can provide you with adapted lodgings.

All of our tour guides have through extensive training, during which they learned the ins and outs of their respective routes and local geography. Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise, we've been able to tailor our tours to suit your interests and make your trip feel more intimate and special. Each and every one of our customers are treated like family while receiving the highest quality professional services from us.



After breakfast, you will be picked up via private vehicle as we move to Budanilakantha. Our hike begins at Budhanilkantha, which also serves as one of the entrance points to Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. Budhanilkantha has a Hindu pilgrimage site with a statue of Lord Vishnu reclining in a snake coil. From Budhanilkantha we walk for approximate 2.3 kilometers uphill in a north-easterly direction. Light snacks and tea are available at one of the local tea shops along the way.

The first few hours of the hike are primarily spent on dusty trails within the national park. The trail climbs northeast towards Nagi Gumba above steep stone steps. After nearly two kilometers of walking, a tree-lined trail will lead you to Nagi Gumba. There are prayer flags flapping and nuns speaking and working in the vicinity, instantly distinguishing the monastery. If the weather is clear, you can see the valley below clearly. You can take a break at the monastery and visit the tea shop for a cup of tea or coffee.

The climb continues with a vertical ascent to Bhagdwar and then to Shivapuri Peak. We take the stone steps north from the monastery's back entrance. Baghdwar is regarded as the source of the Bagmati River in Kathmandu. Bagdwar has a few small shrines. This trail is simple, but it is exhausting because you must walk largely on stone steps.

As we reach the summit, we will be greeted by good views of the mountains as well as a statue dedicated to Shivapuri Baba. From the top, after our rest and fill, we journey back to Kathmandu as we are picked up by the vehicle in Budanilakantha. 

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