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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking is one of the most popular activities here in Nepal for both domestic and international tourists. Anyone who enjoys a scenic walk-through nature among the mountains and hills will surely not regret visiting Nepal.  Most of the treks in Nepal will not require you to have the balance or ability of a mountain goat or superhuman lower and upper body strength. Many tourists even prefer to have a trekking guide and a porter so that their trek becomes the most luxurious and fulfilling. Nepal thus offers a trekking experience unrivaled in the world.

So what does a typical trek involve?

Upon waking up early in the morning, around 7 AM, with a cup of tea or coffee and breakfast, you will typically begin around 8 a.m., and "the walk" begins. You may opt for porters to carry all your heavy luggage and equipment, leaving If you only have a lightweight backpack or a day bag to carry, You’ll need to carry simple equipment like water.

Water bottles for hydration, raincoats, your camera, and any other small items you might need while on the trail.

After walking for approximately three to four hours, you will reach the lunch spot for the day, where you will be treated to a simple Nepali hot meal. After resting for some time with good food, the walk for the day gets restarted. This typically continues to around 4 PM, when you will reach the lodging location for the day

After the evening meal, you will be briefed on the trek program for the following day.  A typical day of the trek covers around 9 to 14 km every day in around 5 to 8 hours.

Whether you prefer virgin trails or well-known, popular tracks, Nepal is a trekker's paradise. Trekking in Nepal will have you walking through rural villages amid cultural and traditional houses, seemingly fossilized in time, amid forests of pine, oak, and rhododendron, crossing streams and creeks on small. The area is densely forested, and there are numerous wooden bridges. The rhythmic beat while walking amid streams, woods, hills, and mountains is sure to...

It will rejuvenate you and provide you with memories that will last forever. While trekking, it is not unusual to cross fields covered with snow and then take a dip to bathe in the numerous streams that cover the landscape. While many trails are marked, you are free to take the local trails that are unused by many outside the area. 

 There are mainly two types of treks popular in Nepal: Teahouse Treks and Camping Treks. 

The entire journey of the trek is as fascinating as the main destination, and you travel at your own pace. You will be able to experience the true beauty of Nepal.

Teahouse Treks

Treks where lunch, dinner, and lodging are done in local inns and small lodges, which are known as "teahouses." On such treks, only necessary equipment on the trail is carried, while other equipment and bags are abandoned. Porters carry them to the next lodge or inn. As such, such treks do not require you to be "super-fit".

Warm meals will be taken at such local inns that are hygienic and use organically grown local produce. For such treks, you will be slightly constrained in your itinerary as each day’s trek has to conclude in an inn. As a result, you'll need to walk at a certain pace and rhythm.

Camping Treks

Camping treks involve carrying camping equipment where sleeping and resting are done in tents that are set up. I'll come to get you at the end of the day. Camping treks are usually on virgin trails or trails seldom used, and as such, you get absolute freedom, fresh air, and views not seen by those taking the beaten trails. This fully organized program comes with a guide, cook, and porters who play a major role in making your trek successful and as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. They will help you set up tents and cook delicious hot meals throughout the trek. Camping treks give you the "classic" trekking experience in Nepal and provide you with one of the most memorable experiences.

Why choose Accessible Adventure for your treks?

Whether you choose camping treks or teahouse treks for your trekking in Nepal, Accessible Adventures has you covered. This guarantees to make your trip the most memorable one. Our English-speaking guides will help customize your trip and guide you through the entire journey. 

 Our porters will help carry your major equipment from one lodging location to another. The food that you eat will be healthy and hospitable, and the lodging will be up to the highest standards available. At the lodging, you will be greeted by locals, and may you will also have the opportunity to learn the local language and culture. For camping trips, we use the least amount of canned produce possible and cook without using harmful substances preservatives, and chemicals. We use fresh fruits and vegetables of the cleanest and highest quality cooking equipment for the camping treks. It is our pride that we provide you with the best quality tents and sleeping bags. 

We are aware of the difficulty of such treks and thus have experienced porters. There are guides and cooks to make your trip as luxurious as possible. We at Accessible Adventure have compiled several trekking options for you that cover a wide range of geographical and cultural locations.