Accessible Adventures P. Ltd is an established tour operator in providing affordable, customized and efficient international air tickets through advanced technologies for complex multi-stop international journeys. We enable travelers and travel agents to create customized itineraries — with an unlimited number of destinations — and receive instant online price estimates with just a click.

Our distinctive service strategies make it possible for Accessible Adventures to offer international air tickets at substantial discounts compared to the typical published fares that are offered by airlines, and other travel agencies and airfare Web sites.

Accessible Adventure staffs offer personal travel consultant services which includes experienced travel executives who work to optimize every traveler’s choice for airlines, routes and fares. It is vital for people to have a say in how they want to travel! & at Accessible Adventure we support that to the core.

Accessible Adventure is also an IATA Accredited International air ticketing booking point & we are going to implement ONLINE booking systems soon in future that can be accessed worldwide at the click of a mouse right at your work station or while sipping coffee at home.


With Nepal’s rapid development, we now have a host of new airlines operating air services throughout the length & breadth of the company in meeting the needs of its erstwhile citizens & the thousands of trekkers who visit Nepal to enjoy its huge mountains & fantastic landscapes. Accessible Adventure is a wholesale stock holder of Domestic tickets of all the major airlines in the country with air tickets available to all of Nepal’s big cities & prime tourist locations throughout the country. We also offer the best prices for tickets to any part of Nepal.

Accessible Adventure Core Values:

  • We believe that international & domestic travel offers a wealth of opportunities for personal growth, cultural exchange and peace
  • The Company respects its employees, and its employees respect each other; this respect extends to all our clients, wherever
  • We foster one-on-one relationships with our clients to make their journeys as wonderful as possible
  • We are ethical and straightforward in all our interactions.
  • We have a ‘’No Frills’’ policy when dealing with our clients
  • We meet our commitments…no matter what
  • We strive for continuous improvement…& encourage feedbacks from our clients
  • For help after you've purchased, our dedicated customer service team is set up to help you with date changes and other pitfalls from international ticketing while you're traveling.

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Why book with us ?

  1. Excellent Vacation Planning - We offer the best holidays that Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan has to offer.
  2. Booking with confidence - We are fully licensed tour and trekking operator including accredited member of IATA and insured for your peace of mind. Please chek out our legal documents.
  3. Online Booking - Many of our tour packages are bookable and payable online with instant booking confirmation unless you require custom itinerary. In our set tour programmes, discount coupon may be available. Please check out with us for availability before booking your holiday on online.
  4. Secured payment - We accept secured payments by PayPal.
  5. 24 Hours in service - We are available 24 hours in case of any emergency. We are just a phone call away!
  6. Custom Itineraries - We design a custom itinerary as per your wish and budget. No need to follow our fixed dates and programmes.
  7. Social Responsibility- When you book a holiday or use our services, you help to support our charitable work. We have been actively involved in various social organizations including Rotary International. Our founder Hari kumar shrestha is an active kiwanis 
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