Modernization Of Immigration

Hari Kumar SHrestha

31 May, 2021

Modernization of immigration

The issues related to immigration mentioned in the program "Accountable Home Administration Peace, Security and Good Governance" mentioned in the Home Minister Reform Roadmap 2074, which was made public in the month of June, 2074:
  1. The immigration system of the international airport will be made international standard and the manpower trained in efficient, skilled and security sensitivity will be mobilized.
  2. In order to secure and easy access to the information of arrival and departure of passengers in immigration, a certain technological record system will be developed. The existing IMMI software based on arrival and departure records and visa application will be replaced by the appropriate Border Control System.
  3. A Pilot Project will be launched to convert the visas issued by the Immigration Department into E-Visa or Smart Card.
  4. Coordination will be done to verify the records with the Nepal Police and other security organizations to identify and control the movement of fugitive criminals, terrorists and unwanted persons.
  5. In order to operate the service flow of Immigration Office International Tribhuvan Airport 24 hours a day, the existing service flow of 2 shifts will be shifted to 3 shifts in coordination with the concerned agencies.
  6. Immigration Mobile App will be launched with all types of visa and trekking permit application travel history, arrival card can be filled online. Necessary review will be done regarding the restricted area.
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