An Appeal To Visit Nepal 2015 - 16

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04 Aug, 2015

An Appeal to Visit Nepal 2015 - 16

From the lofty peaks of the Himalaya to the subtropical forests, Nepal is astonishingly diverse in terms of geography and climate.

The country is just as rich in cultural history, and its distinctive brand of social and geographical diversity makes it an endlessly fascinating travel destination. Just as Nepal itself is diverse, so too are the many ways in which travellers can see and enjoy everything the country has to offer.

Nepal saw more than its fair share of tragedy in 2015, after the April earthquake that caused devastation in many parts of the country. But Nepal is rebuilding steadily, and major heritage sites and trekking trails are once again open and safe for travel.

Nepal's capital is Kathmandu, a busy and bustling city that combines old and new to stunning effect. The centuries-old architecture of the old city, which includes seven World Heritage Sites, is an incredible contrast to the tourist-oriented Thamel district.

Kathmandu isn't just an amazing place to visit in its own right, it's also the hub through which most travellers pass when they enter Nepal. Upon leaving the city many more adventures await: trekking through the Annapurna mountain ranges, an exploration of the Terai plains, and the physically demanding journey to the Everest Base Camp.

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